COGNEX 9000 Series Camera / Sensor OPC Connection (9912)

Setting up Ignition OPC / Cognex OPC
IMPORTANT: Be sure Cognex camera firmware is updated to 5.07.03 (041) or later as the built in OPC server will not function in previous versions.

In-Sight Explorer application is needed to setup camera
Download here: Support - In-Sight Software & Firmware | Cognex
Activation Key will be needed after install
Found here: In-Sight Key Generator | Cognex

To edit network in Sensor dropdown, click on 'Get Connected'

Network Settings:

Select the OPC UA checkbox and copy the IP for Ignition in the network popup:

After creating tool sets for your critical data, click the Communications Button, select OPC and Add the Tags you want from the results

In the Ignition Gateway select OPC CLIENT / OPC Connections / OPC UA

Enter your IP address with port (Default:4840):

After setup complete browse devices from tag browser to pull in your new tags



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