Cognex and Keyence Web Application

I just wanted to share something I found. I wanted to use Ignition to display the Web Application from Cognex for the IS2800 series so our operators could see the image and know why the camera failed when it fails. Cognex currently doesn't offer a solution for this, they said by May of 2023 they should offer an HMI package for this. So since we have Ignition I was like hey we have the IP Camera property in Vision, can I use that? No, that didn't work.

So, I read through the forums and lots of people wanted to display the image, one forum a guy mentions using the web browser application but no information as to how he did it.

I poked around some more and found that the web browser module lets you put a website into the application. I searched for putting a webpage into the application instead of searching for the application or Cognex or Keyence. (Since Keyence's IV3 offers a less interactive web app I figured someone may have added it to Ignition and posted information.)

Long story short, if you want to add a web application to your Ignition module like I did, you need the Web Browser module. It's not too bad price wise, it's about $605 USD currently, though it says in April prices are changing. It's super easy to use, scroll down to the bottom of your Component Palette and it's there. You can try this for free by downloading the module and using the trial and seeing how it works for you. You can make the navigation buttons go away on the component as well which is a great feature.

You can download individual modules here:

Just change the version type to the version you're using.
You can find that on your web browser for Ignition under Status > Overview

Side note:
I haven't tried this with any web application but Cognex's but I'm sure they would all work fine since you're just using a web browser. Make sure you try it before buying the module.

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Yes this works with the web browser module. We usevit and have used it on multiple applications, with various web sites and web application. It does help add browser abilities to a vision application.