Cognex Camera Images

I have been given the challenge to display the passed or failed image from a Cognex insight 2000 camera inspection in my ignition project. Has anybody successfully done this before? It seems I can output an.SVG or JPG to a folder, is it possible to have ignition refresh and read that image?

That trail has been blazed…

I’ve done it with a Cognex Dataman 400.
Inside the Cognex Camera Tool you can set up where to save passed / failed images ( for my camera there is no way to save images automatically to local PC, but only to an FTP server ).
Then I take the image’s path and display it with an image component. Or you can use a canvas.
For displaying the image you can, check with a os.listdir() if your images folder has increased size, if yes, take the last images path, write it to a tag then bind the ImagePath property to that tag

With the Batik SVG module, you get both the overlay and the image.

Hi @jesse.stalman for future reference, documents like this can be found in the MyCognex portal for customers.You can register products, download manuals, get support documentation, and contact our support team. Happy to see you’ve already solved this though!