Cognex Dataman Connection and get img [python]

Hi guys, Im trying to get images via DHCP, TCP/IP conneciton but im clearly dont understand it, im still getting response wchich is only a bar code. I need get image, doesnt matter wchich form, im connected by ethernet cable. Im trying send a ASCII codes but my output is the same. Can you give me a hand?


from cpppo.server.enip.get_attribute import proxy_simple
vendor, product_name, zz = proxy_simple( '1111' ).read( [('@1/1/1','INT'),('@1/1/7','SSTRING'),('@0x79/1/0x10','SINT')] )



from telnetlib import Telnet
import time
while True:
tn = Telnet('1111', 23, 2)
trigger = "||>TRIGGER ON".encode('ascii') + b'\r\n'
resultstring = tn.read_very_eager().decode('utf-8')

Is this in Ignition? (It looks like python3 outside Ignition, using a generic EtherNet/IP python library.)

{ And what would DHCP have to do with this? }

Its python3, im trying a lot of codes from forums, sending ASCII messages true socket inside camera, im getting replyes like Log in after sending login and password:
Socket Created
Socket Connected to example_ip on ip example_ip port 23
Login succeeded

but when im sending another comand im heting 25 thousand of ascii, when its not similar with dimensions to image.

I tried [Solved] Connecting Cognex to Halcon - Technical questions - RobotExchange -- python 3 code, but when im sending img like comand i cant get image.

I tried rewrite this code: Getting 1MB of ASCII Cognex image with Java sockets and TCP ZeroWindow issue to python but also without effect

I never went any further with that--no hardware sponsor or hardware on-hand. The image data that comes through from the socket connection is hex. You'd process that into bytes then run it through java's ImageIO class. There are examples of that last part here on the forum.

The whole thing is a bit much for me to whip up for you on the forum.

Okay, thanks for repplaying, i will try deal with it somehow. Thanks a lot