Cognex Web HMI with iframe

Has anyone tried to embed Cognex D900 Web HMI into ignition Perspective using iframe?

Yes, it does not work as Cognex does not allow embedding of the D900. I had a frustrating conversation with a couple of their Application Engineers explaining my need for that feature, however it does not seem like Cognex is too keen on adding it (they cite security issues that may arise).

I wonder if you could put Nginx in front of the Cognex web HMI, strip any CSP or X-Frame-Options headers, and add your own that allowed embedding from the Ignition host...


What is this "dark magic" you speak of? Can you point me towards some documentation on how to go about trying this?

Setting up a proxy maybe, ive never really tried it

i htink this means you'll also have to run perspective through this

http://ipPRoxy:??/ipgateway/.../view with the view iframe to http://ipPRoxy/cognexIP