Collapse Down Sections Of Code in Script Editors

I just recently started using NotePad++ and that has an awesome feature when dealing with any kind of code where you can collapse down any logic or branching statements to make the code cleaner and easier to follow. That would be a really nice feature to include into the script editing windows in Ignition, it makes things much easier to follow along with.

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Has there been any movement on this?

This feature is quite important when coding.

What would also be amazing is if we could set breakpoints, but that is probably asking for a bit too much from Ignition.

Code folding and better text/code editor in general is something we’re planning to support. We don’t have a timeline right now, but there has definitely been progress here. The Designer’s Script Console currently utilizes an example of some of this improved functionality that includes things like folding, better highlighting/completion, color themes, etc.

Breakpoint debugging is something we’d love to support, but there are some significant technical hurdles to overcome to make that happen. As a result, can’t offer any sort of commitment there, but if it were to come to the platform it would almost certainly happen after the general editor improvements have been refined and rolled out across the designer.


@PerryAJ, as for me, the most usefull feature for Ignition script IDE would be auto-completion for user shared/project packages and functions, and in this case, if possible to show function parameters and comments if a comments rules had been followed for theses functions.
It will enable us to gain a lot of times for scriting and avoid typo mistake.


Agreed this would be a nice feature. Can’t commit to it getting done, but we’ll investigate this when we start to look at scripting improvements.

It seems that for a while this was developed, I suppose for testing purpose, and with limited funcionality (no function comments) on the script console, in the Interactive Interpreter section only (no in the Multiline Buffer section).

At least I saw it, back in June 2013, and I commented it in this feature request.

Hope this get done sometime.