Collapse remaining of the selected

Here am using table to show some data..
my requirements is when i expand one row, remaining three row need to collapse
There is any default setting is there in perspective?

first image - all collapsed
second image - rows expand


There's no built-in functionality that I'm aware of. You should be able to do something like this within the onSubviewExpand component function:

# untested code
index_list = list(range(len(  # determine what other rows might need to be collapsed
index_list.remove(event.rowIndex)  # but not the row which was just expanded
self.collapseSubviews(index_list)  # now collapse those remaining

Note that this would only work for manual expansion; anything you do with scripting might not trigger this.

Thanks for your reply.
there is one option in subviewExpansionMode, I put it in single.

its working fine.


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