Collecting data on a SINT out of an Array[32]

I have been playing with ignition for data collection now for about 6 months and have been able to do a lot, but I am having trouble collecting data from an Array[32] I have found the data I want to collect out of a OPC UA connection Array[32] the first and second SINT, typically once I have found the data I want to collect I just drag and drop it in to the Historian table, but when I try the table acts like something has changed and says I need to save to apply changes but the value does not show.

is there something I am missing? I would appreciate the help.


I don't think you can historize arrays (or datasets or documents). (Notice that HistoryEnabled is false in your screenshot.)

Make a reference tag that points at the specific array items you are interested and turn on history for those instead. You may need to adjust something's clock, too. (Look at the timestamp.)

Hi pturmel, Yes that worked! its funny I thought I had tried that and it put it over to the UDT Definitions with value Null. But today it worked, must have been that it thought we were back in 1970. I appreciate your support thanks.

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