Color Array Parameters SDK

Hello, i want to add a “Color Array” parameter inside my component. I didn’t know wich type of variable I need to declare in my java class. By exemple, their is a Color Array parameter in the Pie Chart object of Ignition Designer.

I’m adding the parameter with :
public [Type of Variable] Data;

addProp(“data”, “Data”, “”, CAT_DATA); //into CommonBeanInfo

Thanks !

Putting the following code on mouseClicked for a Button in the same Root Container as the Pie Chart prints out the following in the console.

object = event.source.parent.getComponent('Pie Chart')
print object.getSectionColors()

array(java.awt.Color, [java.awt.Color[r=255,g=85,b=85], java.awt.Color[r=85,g=85,b=255], java.awt.Color[r=85,g=255,b=85], java.awt.Color[r=255,g=85,b=255], java.awt.Color[r=85,g=255,b=255], java.awt.Color[r=255,g=175,b=175], java.awt.Color[r=128,g=128,b=128]])

The datatype for this is ‘array.array’

The datatype you’re looking for is exactly what it appears to be, an array of colors.

private Color [] myArrayOfColorsProperty;

Square brackets signify that it’s an array. For more on arrays: