Color formating in a table based on value contained

Looking to format a cell based on the value contained. For instance: if the value is <15 or >25 format background to Red.

I assume you’re using a regular table (not a powertable), then you can just right click on the table, go to table customisers, and check out the “Background Color Mapping” tab.

It should be pretty self explanatory: use a red background as “low fallback”, then use white for >= 15, and use red again for >= 25.

Correct not a power table.
New to the colormapping… How do I limit the color change to only a specific cell and not the whole row? I have different limits on a few cells also. Is it possible to do in Ignition?
For instance: Cell A limits 15-25 Cell B limits 150-200.

Can Limits be set within the background color list? like >15 or <25 or is it only very specific numbers/words?

Color mapping on the standard ‘Table’ component is for the entire row, must be driven by a numeric property, and is strictly a >= for each ‘case’ - it’s designed to be easy to set up, rather than infinitely flexible.

If you need more advanced control then you can use the Power Table and the configureCell extension function - which will be called once for every cell in the table, allowing you full customization. I’d recommend starting with this knowledgebase article for more detail: