Colour change for the Bar Chart component

Hi All,

Using the bar chart component I’m trying to change the colour of the bar when it exceeds a certain value (similar to the thermometer and meter components). I noticed within the bar chart property editor it doesn’t allow me to add an expression to the series colours. As an alternative I used the chart’s axis and placed a Level Indicator(As I could change the colour property with an expression for this component) over the chart area where the bar should be present. The problem with this solution is the alignment varies as the screen size changes and therefore looses its correct appearance.

Does anybody have any other ideas?


The easiest thing to do is to not use the bar chart, but to instead use a series of level indicators ( and the new linear scale component as the axis)

This may not be a feasible option, depending on whether or not you have a fixed number of bars. If you need to use the bar chart, you can still do this, but it will require scripting via the bar chart’s setSeriesColors() function.

Thanks Carl, the new Linear scale component does the trick!