"Column 'col name' doesn't exist in this dataset" lookup expression binding errors upon initial opening of window

I keep getting property binding errors: “Column ‘col name’ doesn’t exist in this dataset” upon initial opening of windows where I’m using a lookup expression binding reading from a dataset tag. It goes away after the initial error, but still is annoying. The column name does exist and the binding works as intended, is there anything I can do to correct this?

Have you tried wrapping a try() around the lookup() function? Or before that, have you configured a noMatchValue lookup parameter value?

Edit: noMatchValue is not an optional parameter.

Certainly the try would be good practice and I should probably be using this more. In this case, it would suppress the initial error and give it time to perform it’s binding function.

That’s correct. I’m also curious if the dataset columns are different between the designer and runtime.

If I put in an index number instead of name, then the error doesn’t come up, but I prefer using the column name since the index could change at some point in time.

I think this confirms what I’m thinking about the column name saved in the designer (assuming it’s not a tag).
Could you explain what type of component is holding the dataset and how that dataset is populated?

The dataset is a memory tag and I’m usually using a custom property on a shape or power table component to use the lookup expression binding to read that tag, and returning either a single string or integer value.

Ok, my assumption was wrong then. So now I find it odd there’s a different between colIndex and colName. I’d think the component hasn’t resolved the tagPath yet on initial opening of the vision window but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’d just wrap a try around it and call it a day.