Column Labels On Crosstab Report?

I have a crosstab report that has multiple “grouping columns” and am unable to get the report designer to put labels on those columns.
I have tried simply adding “text boxes” with the labels for the columns but they don’t resize to match the columns they are describing.
Have a look at this:

(sorry that it is so rough but you should be able to get the idea)

Note that this report has a varying number of groups & Crosstab columns which is why I need the Grouping column labels “linked” to the grouping columns they represent.

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Do you have your header columns property set to 4. Also do you have the data key property is set the the name of the data source powering the report?

Hi Benjamin,
This is an 8 year old request that I pretty much gave up on back in 2010 when it had no response. What I ended up doing for that report is left those column headers blank and added a “Text line” above it that listed the column names in order.
Columns are: <col1> <col2> <col3> <col4> <col5> <col6> <col7>
(obviously they aren’t actually named “col[x]” - just to show what I did.)

This is also running within the earlier “Report engine” as we are still using 7.5.14 LTS. (until I get all of our current projects authentication updated to the newer format - then I hope to shuffle the whole lot up to 7.9. Timing and resources
are the only roadblocks to this plan :wink: )

Thanks anyway,