Column not displaying data correctly in report designer


I am building out a report in the report designer and noticed my value for the SalesDate column is not showing up in the table I have built out. Also, my Scrap_Percentage_Sales column has a value in the DB but looks to be formatting in a weird way.

I did try changing the number format for the % Sales cell as well as the date format for the SalesDate column. There is also data within the XML which makes me believe the data is there, just not displaying properly.

Let me know if I missed anything, thank you!

That looks like an infinity symbol. Is there math going on in the gathering of data?

Actually, I am doing math within the Object summary. I am diving the Scrap Cost by the Sales column. I bet that is the cause of the issue.

If I wanted to set a negative value to 0, should I do that within my query? Or is there functionality within the report designer to do this?

I’m willing to bet that the null value for Scrap Cost is going to affect the calculation. It would be more efficient to take care of values and calculations like that in the query

Makes sense, I will do that! Thank you for the help!