Column Selector selectAll not updating output properties

I am trying to automatically select All or None of the options in a column selector component. I am having troubles selecting All when there are multiple datasets in the column selector. All of the checkboxes in the component are visually selected, but the output column datasets do not reflect the selection of visible checkboxes.

In the below image, I selected None using the deselectAll() component function, then selected All using the selectAll() component function. The None selection worked (the “out” datasets had 0 columns), but selecting All only updated one dataset (“lvl2 Out”), with the rest of the datasets continuing to have 0 columns.

Does anyone have a workaround so I can automatically select All/None? I have tried selecting the checkbox components within the column selector programmatically (digging down using getComponent), but the exact same thing happens. (I am on Ignition 8.1.3.)