Column Selector Sequence for DataOut


I am trying to get the columns for a Data set in the order(Sequence) of the columns(check boxes) selected on the Column selector…Can anyone help in this regard…


The order of the columns is either alphabetic or the ordered you specified in the SQL query. If it is alphabetic, just specify the columns in the SQL query in alphabetic order.

Dear Travis,

I think I haven’t conveyed my requirement properly…I want to get the Data_out Property Columns in the Sequence of the checking the boxes in Column Selector…

Example: If there are Check Boxes like Col1,Col2, Col3, Col4, Col5, Col6, Col7…and I will check the Boxes Col6, Col3, Col7, Col4 one after one in Sequence …Can I get the Same Sequence in the Data_out Property Data set !!

Unfortunately, there is no way to do that right now. You might be able to do something through scripting yourself.