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First I would like to Thank you so much for your support and expert advises.

I have a question that I would like to get help on;
I use Column selector and in the DATA IN I put the SQL Query binding the following:

t_stamp BETWEEN ‘{Root Container.Historical Mode.Start}’ AND ‘{Root Container.Historical Mode.End}’ AND UNIT != ‘’
order by
{Root Container.Dropdown 1.selectedStringValue} ASC

By default I get all check-boxes selected - that means I have everything inside.

I would like to be able to have a button that will allow me to select all or deselect all when needed.
We have so many tags that we are logging and I would like to be able to deselect all and only check 2 or three and not going the wrong way of deselecting everything but these two or three - that is time consuming.

I would be happy to know if I can use buttons that will hold queries over the same table with a custom selected tags - I would like to have them as templates for users from different teams that monitor the same unit.

I export the table into a CSV file and I would be happy to be able to have the ability to set buttons that will give several filtering over the data collected in the column selector.

Just to make myself clear i would like to Summarize my request AND I would be happy to get help on that.

  • Be able to have a Button for Select All and Deselect All.
  • Be able to have pre made buttons that can filter out the table upon selecting the relevant from the column selector.
  • Be able to set and save template upon use.

The ides is to be able to handle the Column selector by using buttons on the page.
Currently I wrote SELECT * But I would like to be able to have a different selection while using Buttons.

Please help me understand how that can be done.

thanks for your support!

There are plans to add “select all/deselect all” buttons for the Column Selector component in 7.7. It hasn’t been decided yet which release of 7.7 this will make it into, but it should be one of the early ones.

Hi @PGriffith, @Kevin.Herron, @Kevin.McClusky, @KathyApplebaum

Sorry for looping everybody. Can you let us know if the “Select All”/ “Deselect All” options for the column selector were provided with Ignition Vision 7.xx or a work around has been provided? This has been a requirement in some of our projects.

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In 7.9.0 the component got a scripting method to selectAll() or deselectAll(), which you could add to your own checkbox easily. There’s no checkbox built in to the component itself.

Paul, were the doc’s updated to reflect this? I’ve skimmed them and don’t see it.

It looks like the reporting specific appendix pages haven’t been updated in quite some time - I let the training department know about some discrepancies, so they’ll probably update them pretty soon.

In the meantime, I think the only way to know about this would have been the release notes or introspection on the live component in the designer, unfortunately.

I have had a look at the component on 7.9.12 and I’m not seeing it there either.

Whilst we are awaiting Doc update, for Praneeth and I, and forum posterity, would you mind having a check and maybe posting a quick ‘how-to’?

It’s not a property that would be exposed, you would just access it from scripting - so if you had a checkbox, for example, you could have the actionPerformed event do something like this:

cs = event.source.parent.getComponent("Column Selector")
cs.selectAll() if event.newValue else cs.deselectAll()

I can guarantee the method is there by 7.9.5, at minimum:

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Implemented and working in 7.9.12, thanks! :smiley: