Column Widths of Dropdown List (table mode)

Is there a way to dictate the width of the dropdown list column(s) in table mode. They are excessively wide, often causing the horizontal scrollbar to appear.

What version of Ignition are you using?
In 8.1.12 or greater, you can set the ‘max table width’ property to -1, and the table will only be as large as necessary to fit the given columns. Similar for the height.

I am using version 8.1.13.

I still get the horizontal scrollbar with a -1 for “max table width” Is there no way to define the column width for each column? Through scripting perhaps?

Also, seems to be down right now.

It looks like the problem is the increased scrollbar width you have, it’s breaking the auto-sizing calculation. I’m not sure there’s any perfect solution…