Columns property of column container is missing

The columns property of the column container is missing in root PROPS.
I see this in 8.1.4 and 8.15.

ColumnContainer.props.columns was removed as part of 8.0.1 (April of 2019). There were far too many issues for us to support variable column counts - especially when that prop could change at runtime - and so we made a very early decision to remove that property.

But how can we control of width of column which is very critical part for beauty of design.
Specially with many components in the row.
May be it is better to add it in Column Breakpoints section which is not changeable at runtime.

You use the gutters property to determine how wide the columns are, specifically you would use the gutters.vertical property.

I need to increase the number of column to add more components in a row.
I seems in the background it is a CSS grid so is it possible to modify the default 12 number in global CSS?

No. The 12 column count is hardcoded into the component itself.