COM port / TCP/IP Port data streaming to Ignition

Hi all,

We can connect an Ignition application to a database shared with other application. Thus, we can share data with other application through a shared-database.

But is there a way to create COM port or TCP/IP port in Ignition such that we can stream data to an Ignition application through it? Say, we want to change certain tag value based on input from COM port or TCP/IP port connection, is there any way to do it?

Yes you can. For serial comms you can buy the Serial Module Gateway, which adds platform-level serial comm support and system.serial functions to gateway-scoped scripts. For TCP comms you can either use the free UDP and TCP drivers, or you can roll your own with a gateway script using Python as shown in this post.

I think this kind of question would be better posted in the ‘Ignition Design Help’ part of the forum :slight_smile:

Hi AlThePal,

Thanks. :smiley: I am trying your suggestions now.

Can I redirect the posting? How do we do it?


In the end, I manage to communicate with Ignition through TCP/IP port by using script as suggested by your post and by this