Combine Multiple Reports Into One

I have a client that wants to print multiple invoices at once. I would like them to be able to select the invoices they want to print from a table, then generate a single report where each invoice is a page in the report, then print it all at once.

The ultimate goal is to be able to print multiple reports with the click of only one button, and I saw a few posts on other users wanting to be able to do the same thing, involving loading each report and waiting in between before printing, but I would like to avoid that if possible.

Can this be done?

Is this using the Report Viewer? It certainly sounds feasible.

One method could be to use the Row Selector to pull in all the data and allow the user to filter on the Invoice Number. The output data would then feed into the Report Viewer.

Does that help?

That method will still generate separate reports for each invoice.

I would like to be able to create a single report with all invoices in it for printing. So if the client wanted to select and print 10 invoices, they would have one report that was 10 pages long, with each page being an invoice.

I was only hoping to be able to do something like this for ease of printing. I currently have a solution that loops through the invoices to be printed, loads each invoice, waits, then prints without dialog, but I find this method un-elegant and slow :frowning:

You can use the row selector as mentioned above.


Loop through the invoices table and build a string of the selected invoices.
When the button is clicked, run a query that brings back all the invoices that were selected.
In the report designer, group by invoice number and have it create a new page for each group.

Main thing is to group the invoices inside the report designer by InvoiceNumber/ID
Invoices.proj (9.99 KB)