Combining data from two Tables

I would like to combine two tables (or more) currently in one window in Ignition?

I don’t see a way to use “Property” binding to do this.

I also have an application where I would like to export the data sets from more than one table with in
Ignition to excel. Ideally putting each table’s data set on a different work sheet but within the same workbook/file.

thanks for any help you can give,

You would need to use scripting to get what you want for each of your questions.

The first one I’m a bit confused on, so any extra details you can provide would be great! :thumb_right:

The second one involves making your own version of system.dataset.dataSetToExcel.

Actually system.dataset.dataSetToExcel doesn’t really generate an Excel file. Instead it’s an XML file that can be opened in Excel. Each tab can be defined between the tags.

A bit of a daunting task, but actually sounds like fun! Not to mention just really cool when you get it to work! :laughing:

Man, you must have caught me in a good mood. Actually, this really was a fun one… :mrgreen:

EDIT: Forgot to add line to auto-open the file. Fixed now…:blush:
Export Multiple Table to Excel_2014-10-27_0935.proj (20.6 KB)

Thanks Jordan! :slight_smile:
You are Awsome :prayer:

Please disregard the first part I was having problems with my Inner Join… got it now