Combining Indirect Tag Binding and Expression Binding?

Hi all,

I have a LED Display Component which I would use to display an average of the Three tags value. Let say that their paths are:


Note that the name of the elements do not form pattern.

The problem I have is that this tag path itself is dynamic, having {1} reference (which is a Custom property of Root Container.index)

Thus I tried the two following approaches:

  1. To use Indirect Tag Binding, but this doesn’t allow me to have more than one tag
  2. To use Expression Binding, but this doesn’t allow me to have dynamic reference (or it actually does but I do not know how?)

But both have its own shortcoming.

How to solve it?

Should I create some custom properties in the Root Container to handle some in between paths/variables needed? Or actually there is more decent way to solve this?

I think you are on the right path with the custom properties.

Ta add to your example, I’d use the three tags you show with the indirect binding, and then one more to hold the value of {1}.

The reason I say this, is that I tend to be a visual person. I like seeing all the values that eventually go into an expression. Then, when I get a result that I’m not expecting, I can get an idea where the questionable values come from.

I too would use intermediate custom properties. In a pinch though, you can do indirect tag references in an expression with the tag() expression function.


I more strongly recommend against using the tag() function now-a-days. See this topic:

@pturme, @JordanCClark

Thanks for the inputs and confirmation. If that is the standard way of doing it, I would just some intermediate custom properties.