Combining the of two perspective tables into a single table to export to csv

I’m sure this is going to end up being an easy problem, but for the life of me I cannot get the data types to work together.
I have two tables that I am selecting cells from, and I need to combine the selected cell into a third table for verification before exporting the file.

Unfortunately, up to this point I keep running into transform errors where it won’t allow me to take the first PyArray and combine it with the second.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

There are several ways you could set this up, but it’s important that both tables have the same columns.

This example uses a direct Expression Structure binding:

Then, once those Tables used in the Expression Structure begin having selections made:

@cmallonee I should have explained better that what I would like to do is add the columns of the two tables to be combined.
For example table one has a single column of first_name, table two has a single column of last_name. So on my combined table I want two columns of first_name, and last_name using the selected data from the first two tables.

Python’s zip() function is the tool you need.

Same setup, but modify the script:

When using this script the tables do not need to have the same columns because you’re defining the columns in the dict yourself.

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