Combobox with a dataset and selected record populates form

Also if anyone has any idea instead of a table I want to use a combo box. I know how to populate the combo box with my data… but when a record in the combo box is selected I want it to populate my fields on my form??

Thank yall in advance

Hi, I think it is a good idea.

Only the Form Table was designed to populate the fields. You would have to look at how the Form Table works and understand it (the Python source code is all there in the pa.forms script and on the Table component). Then apply that understanding to a combo box to work in a similar way.


That is what I was wondering if anyone has done that yet! I do not like to waste time trying to figure it out…but I guess I will have too :slight_smile: If anyone has done this before some sample source code would be great.

Thank You

Yes, that makes sense!