Comm between OPC UA server on LINUX & Kepservr UA client

i have ignition-7.5.3-linux-x64 on ubuntu and OPC UA server is active on the other side Kepserver UA client is present on Windows 7 or XP system,both machines are on same network.I am unable to access OPC UA server from my kepserver client on windows.Can i access opc UA server (Linux )on Kepserver OPC UA client present on windows network and how?plz give me some positive advice.Thanks

What error messages are you getting? Do you have the username and password configured correctly? The correct endpoint/port?

Yes dear i am giving diffault password of ignition ua server.and also giving port number assigned in ua server.but i am unable to connect the device on kepserver ua client .and also i cant browse the device .my ua server is on linux system and kepware ua client is on microsoft windows there some special cofiguration for this architecture?

Did you ever get this working? I had to set some Windows firewall settings to get a OPC UA connection.