Comm OFF and Comm Read-Only doesn't stop scripts

Hi All,

Comm OFF and Comm Read-Only prevent me to change Tags value manually, but when I run script it can change value. Is it any idea how to limit scripts to access Tags value for testing period?

Hey @Dmitrii_Lysenkov,

In terms of scope, where is the script being called located? If the script's definition is within the project library and you're calling it from the Designer, cutting the comms should prevent the script from ever being executed.

Perspective scripts run in the gateway, and therefore do not respect the designer's comm setting.

At this time, Perspective does no honor the Comm Off or Comm Read-Only settings in the Designer for the following items:

  1. Scripts executed in a Perspective Designer Session
  2. Tag Expressions in a Perspective Designer Session

There are open feature tickets to support this at some point in the future.

As of 8.1.29, these modes are supported for tag and polling bindings.



Hi @Joshua_Benjamin,
I'm running the script with push button at Perspective. But looks like all scripts don't respect Comm Off.
It will be interesting which actions respects Comm Off and which are not.