Comment Object "Sticky"

Can I remove the “Sticky” from the comment object? I don’t want to allow any comment to be STICKY.


I can’t seem to make this add “insert” a new row to SQL EXPRESS.
It gives NO Errors just does not create a new record.
I have tried to follow the video for using the comment panel

#MSSQL Server query

#We're converting the binary data into a VARBINARY datatype on this line, which is the prefered datatype for binary data in MSSQL.

query = "INSERT INTO Notes (note, whoid, tstamp, attachment, filename, sticky) VALUES (?, ?, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, CONVERT(VARBINARY(MAX),?), ?, ?)"

arguments = [note, user, attachmentBytes, filename, sticky]

system.db.runPrepUpdate(query, arguments)

The insertNote Extension Function (really, all Extension Functions) send error messages to the console.

Are you seeing any activity in the console (Designer > Tools menu at the top > Console >most recent messages are at the bottom)?

I finally got my comment panel working, I don’t know what was going on. I deleted my comment panel and placed another one added my query and insertnote ext function and everything now works.

Will do some more testing, I still wish I could get rid of the “Sticky” checkbox.


Glad to hear it!

Regarding the Sticky checkbox, can’t think of a way to hack it, but this would make a good feature request: