Comment panel issues

Hi everyone,

I was hoping some one could answer a question with the comment panel?

I am using version 8.1 and i can get an insert into the database and read it back, the username (WhoId) data does not enter in the database.

so I have tried to use the Extension Function “insertNote” but no matter what code i put in there it fails?

I’m using everything in mySQL exactly as the manual says and it works fine with the Extension Function “insertNote” DISABLED except for the “username” not coming across to the Data Base.

has anyone else had this issue, or can someone send some code that will work based on the default comment panel setup structure?


Hi craigstruthers,

If you are using what the manual says exactly, have you confirmed that your database has table and column names matching those in the example?

Additionally would you be able to include a screenshot of what you currently have?