Comment Panel Properties in Documentation

Hi all,
I’ve been reading the comment panel documentation here, and it seems like there are several properties listed in the docs that don’t seem to exist in the actual component. For example, the docs list useful properties such as insertQuery1 and deleteMode as being behavior properties of the Comment Panel, but they don’t show up in the panel’s property browser, and when I try to access them through scripting, I get an error message telling me that they don’t exist.

Is there a way to access these properties that I’m just not aware of? Or is the documentation outdated or incorrect for the Comment Panel?
Thanks in advance!

For one, you’re looking at the 7.7 documentation: note the version number listed at the bottom of the tree view. The insertQuery1 property and such are part of the 7.7 and prior components.

The Comments Panel was updated in 7.8, so you’ll want to look at the newer documentation here: 7.9 documentation

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Thanks for the link to the new version! That would explain a lot. I found the 7.8 manual from there too, which is the version I’m using, so I think I’m all set now.