Commentary panel

hi everybody!

I’ve been trying to set up a commentary panel. I followed instructions in the user manual, but It still doesn’t work. Can somebody help me?

First you need a table in the database to hold the notes. The table must have the following columns (data types are for MySQL):

ID (INT, primary key, auto-increment)
Username (VARCHAR(45))
Timestamp (DATETIME)
AttachmentName (VARCHAR(255)) (allows null)
Attachment (LONGBLOB) (allows null)
Sticky (TINYINT(1))

Once you have the table you can bind the data to the following SQL query:SELECT ID, Username, Timestamp, NoteText, AttachmentName, Sticky FROM notesThe Insert Query 1 property should be:INSERT INTO Notes (NoteText, Username, Timestamp, Attachment, AttachmentName, Sticky) VALUES (?, '%s', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, ?, ?, ?)Insert Query 2 should be blank. That is it! It should work once you have that.

Thanks Travis, the panel is working. Now I’m trying to make a dynamic panel. I created a new column in Notes, where i need to store a tag value. When this tag changes its value, the panel would show all the data where new_column is equal to that value.

How can I insert a tag value to Notes table from panel commentaries properties?

Well, the data property is bound to a SQL query so you can make it dynamic by adding a where clause using the tag’s value. The insert query and other queries are also properties and you can make them dynamic through expression bindings.

Will you post a link to this item in the manual?

You mean a link to the Comments Panel component itself? If so, there you go.