Comments Panel Add Button

I am using Ignition 7.5.6.

What I have done is add a group/panel on top of the current Add Comment Section of the Comments panel, that mimics what you are currently doing, but uses a DDL with predefined notes.

The issue I am having is that when I first open the Popup window that has the comment panel, your add note section is collapsed, and my new section over laid on the top of yours is actually covering the first note. Because my section is made to be the size of the default section when its expanded.

Is there an action that occurs (event) that will allow me to know what state your control is in (Collapsed/Expanded)? I believe I could use that with system.gui.resizeComponent to ensure my over laid panel is the always the same size as yours.

Thanks in Advance!

Unfortunately there is no way to expand or collapse the Add Note section programmatically, and there is no event fired when the Add Note button is clicked to expand the area. Your best bet is to make your own set of components that covers the standard Add Note section and is resized up when the user wants to enter something.