Comments Panel Add Event

Hey guys,

Is there a event that fires when a note is added into the comments panel? I would like to send out an e-mail to some people to let them know that a new note was added but I can’t see any way to do that with the information in the manual. Thanks!

No, not right now. I will put a request in for one.


seems like you could accomplish this with a gateway script that looks at the amount of rows in the notes table.

maybe have a tag that holds the number of rows in that table, then have your script query the number of rows, if the numbers arent equal fire off the email then update the tag with the new number of rows.

I could, but I wanted to send specific information from the client screen that the note was added from (from custom properties) and I can’t do that with a straight database query. It would be a good stop-gap solution in the mean time though. Thanks!