Comments Panel functionality in Perspective

Looking to replicate the comments Panel functionality in Perspective. I really like Perspective for a front end, especially when it comes to building input screens for staff. Was wondering if I was missing something on a commenting standpoint.
Backup plan right now is to build my own view with text entry and a table of comments from a DB

cheers thanks!

Funny that this topic came up; I implemented a Comments Panel in one of my own projects and was pleased with it, so I was planning on putting it up on the Ignition Exchange (after some more polish and documentation). If you don’t mind waiting a few days, I can post here when it’s finished. :slight_smile:


Would love that thanks!

Good news! It’s up on the Exchange now:

I tried to leave detailed instructions. It’s a lot simpler if you don’t need file upload functionality. If you have any questions or feedback, I created a thread in the Ignition Exchange category of the forums here. Sorry for the wait! I originally didn’t have file upload capabilities, and it took a long time to get that working. :grimacing:

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Daniel thanks! I’ll check this out