Comments Panel Touchscreen Capable?

Is there any way to make the Comments Panel touchscreen compatible? I.E, when the user presses Add Note, the on-screen keyboard would show up. I would like to use this functionality, but we do not supply keyboards on our production floor.


Yeah, that sounds like an oversight on our part. I have made a note of this, thanks for letting us know.

Also, can system.gui.inputBox() be made touchscreen capable?

The comments panel has been fixed for 7.1.7.

Unfortunately system.gui.inpuBox() is a much bigger can of worms. I recommend that people using touchscreens do not use that function, but instead create their own input box by creating a window that is on a higher layer.

Ok, thanks for fixing it. I will create my own input window for use on our touchscreens. Any idea when 7.1.7 will release?

We should have the last beta up tonight, I’d expect the GA release next week.