Commercial hosting

What experience/advice/warning do you have regarding running OPC server, FSQL, FPMI and MySQL on a remote commercial host site? Can you recommend any hosts that have experience with your products?


I think all of our customers who are running a hosted FactoryPMI project are using their own datacenters. You’d need either a dedicated or VPS (virtual private server) windows hosting company. Sorry, I don’t have any direct experience with any, so I’m not going to recommend one.

I expect that we’d want a dedicated host as the service grew, but why would dedicated or VPS be required?

Well, I’m no hosting expert, but I don’t thing anything but a dedicated/vps host would let you install FactoryPMI.

I spoke a sales rep with one hosting company, and his take was that I could install it on shared host if their administrators were convinced that it would not adversely impact other host users. He and I figured that this would require a conversation between their administrator and one of you guys. If it comes to that, would someone there be willing to have that conversation with one of their admins?

Sure, I can talk to someone from the hosting company, no problem.

The only perhaps slight hiccup is that FactoryPMI wasn’t written to be used in multi-user hosted setup. That is, if another customer wanted to use that same hosting company for FactoryPMI, they’d have to put them on a different shared server - because the copy of FactoryPMI on your shared server would be licensed to you, and you can’t install multiple copies of FactoryPMI side by side on the same server.

Ok, thanks. I’ll keep you posted.

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