Common login page for multiple Perspective projects

Hi all,

I have posted about this earlier, asking for a WebDev login forwarding to Perspective sessions.
As I see a possibility for the login page to be made in Perspective as well I start a new tread.

Our goal is to make one custom/common login page for multiple projects and user levels.

The user opens his browser and goes to “”, he enters his credentials and the project designated for him is loaded after successful login.

User1 logs in and is forwarded to Project1, as he belong to user group “Company1”
User2 logs in and is forwarded to Project2, as he belongs to user group “Company2”
…and so on…

Earlier we where told this is not possible to do. Is there any changes regarding the later versions that now allows us to do this? How? `

I appreciate all tips and ideas in this matter.

This isn’t really possible still, and isn’t likely to be made possible in any first-party way. What you could do is stand up an external identity provider that you stand on your own, which could have its own routing/redirect rules in place for conditional logins.

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Whilst it’s not quite what you want and you have probably already explored this. Until the function becomes available for custom login pages you can set different URL’s to point to different projects. points to project 1 points to project 2

Thanks for the replies. I have started looking using AWS Cognito as identify provider and maybe see if we can do it that way.


An update regarding our little project. We have managed to successfully redirect users from a perspective project named “Log in” to the customers own Perspective project using Auth0 as idP and setting up rules in the auth flow including meta data.

The flow is as follows:
Users goes to
He sees the Log In project, selects “Continue to log in”.
The auth0 login form is shown asking for credentials if not already authenticated, otherwise straight to the project defined in the users meta data.

We would like to skip the “Continue to login” step, but as I understand the auth process needs to be started from Ignition, we cannot send our users straight to the Auth0 login form.

Can the login screen be customized to our branding?

Is it possible to start authentication from a WebDev project? Auth0 has Python libraries to download.

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