Communicacion (Entire)DB-Siemens with Ignition

Hi people, I'm new on Ignition, I've experience working with Indusoft and Intouch but Ignition is the now and the future! so I need your help please... I'm learning at Inductive University and Watching Youtube Videos..
So I've Learned to comunicate data per data with Mx...IWxx... with PLC Siemens but I would like to know If it's possible comunicate a whole DB-Siemens with Ignition..

Example: Comunicacate DB1, which contains

bool1 (0.0)
bool2 (0.1)
Integer1 (1.0)
Integer2 (2.0)
Real1 (6.0)
Real2 (10.0)

Is it posiible communicate the whole DB in a short form?
or I have To add tag by tag in 'Tag Browser'?

So If it is possible, once you communicate the whole DB, how would be the sintaxis for communicate a tag in Designer with.. example : 'Bool2 'of DB1


I'm not a Siemens guru, but I do know that it likely matters if you are using the IA Siemens driver or if you are using OPC-UA onboard an e.g. S7-1500.

Please specify your CPU and driver connection method.

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I'm using the driver provided by Ignition for Siemens OPC UA

No, if you're using the driver you have to create each tag manually (or generate something to be imported). UDTs can help a little.

If you're using a newer S7-1200 or S7-1500 it's a little easier to make a direct OPC connection to the embedded OPC UA server these models have (instead of using the S7 driver for Ignition's server). You get browsing, tag names, and access to optimized blocks that way.

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Thank you! I'm going to learn about S7-1200/1500 embedded OPC UA Servers