Communicate Robot Fanuc R30IB with Ethernet IP


How connect a robot Fanuc R30IB with Ethernet IP?, I am trying but only I have Run Trial, I don’t hace datas on Designer and the robot say: “don’t communication”.

Thank you.
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It looks like you have the default configuration in the Ethernet/IP Host Device. That doesn’t talk to anything except for testing against another Ignition server.

You also named this Host Device as if it is a direct connection to the robot. This is incorrect. The Host Device is virtual controller that contains tags and datatypes that you adjust to meet the needs of your I/O device’s assemblies, then define a “Scanner Module” inside the virtual controller to make the actual connection to the robot. If you have two or more robots, they’d all be configured inside this one Host Device.

Please send an email to my Support Address with the robot’s EDS file and a description of any customizations you’ve done to the robot’s interface. I will help you prepare a configuration file.

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