Communicating with a 3rd party Ethernet IP device


I have a 3rd party device that has an Ethernet I/P card. I wanted to find out if Ignition has a module with which I can communicate to this device. Any options?


@pturmel thrice in as many days?

Unless this device walks, talks, and quacks like a ControlLogix we do not have a driver for it.

You’ll need a 3rd party EtherNet/IP driver like Phil’s or to bring the I/O into a PLC we can talk to.

Please share more information about your device and I can help you figure out if it is supported. Sending me the EDS file is the normal place to start. My module supports the normal 2-hr trial mode, so if you have the device in hand, we can certainly get it running before you buy.

The device is a Kaiser Sigma 2 Compressor. It has an ethernet port standard that has access to its webserver. I have reached out to the supplier to get us the part number for the EIP card. I will send it once i have that information. If that does not work, then we might go the webserver route.

From manual I did not see Ethernet/IP module, but they do have ModbusTCP option.