Communicating with Anybus Explict Messaging

I have a piece of equipment that I am trying to communicate with through ignition. According to the equipment manual, it is set up to do Explicit Message data format through an Anybus communicator 7072. What driver would I need to use to set up this communication?

Heres some additional information provided in the manual that may help:

Output Data class
Class: 176 (0x00B0)
Instance: 1
Service Code: GetAttributeSingle

Input data class
Class: 177 (0x00B1)
Instance: 1
Service Code: SetAttributeSingle, GetAttributeSingle

It also provides a table that has the Attribute and Bytes for each item

Attribute: 3 ,Bytes: 1 ,Item: Device operation ,contents: Indicates current device status

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It sounds like you're describing generic EtherNet/IP messaging. Ignition does not have a built in driver for this, but @pturmel does have a 3rd party module available for sale that may support it.

Yes, my new client driver option supports this type of messaging since v2.1:

You will need to construct a supplemental XML configuration file that specifies the data types for each class/instance/attribute that you want to decode. Or leave unspecified to get byte arrays.

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The Gateway is version 8.0.15 currently. Does your Module support this version of Ignition at all for the kind of messaging I need?

No. Ignition v8.1+ is required for this latest feature.