Communications problems?

The Siemens devices I use are connected, and I have created about 1800 tags. I have got a problem now. If I create a new tag, the value is not taken. The green circle with a question mark appears next to the OPC tag icon. I do not know what to do, please help me.
This happens also if I copy a tag which has its own value changing in real time. The new tag does not show any value.

I have this very same issue. S7-400 devices (might be the same for others) solution yet. :frowning_face:

JUST managed to fix the problem. I put a number of tags in. The first one had an incorrect address (i.e. I had address as QXQ11.1 instead of simply QX11.1. Fixed the first one and all 3 fell in to place.

It seemed odd that they stayed in that state (with the green question mark) rather than going to fault (which I think is the red circle with an X in it).

It seemed to require disabling than re-enabling the PLC under Devices to get them to switch states, which makes me suspect something in Ignition.

FYI, Running version: 7.9.4 (b2017082911)

Ancient, buggy, and soon to be completely unsupported. You should at least upgrade to the last available v7.9, then start planning to move to v8.1.

Thanks for that! Is the migration from 7.x to 8.x involved....?

It can be. Best done in a staging/testing environment.

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Copy that!!!

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