Como cambiar el color de un dropdown cuando esta desabilitado

How could I remove the opaque color from the dropdown component when it is disabled?

This is Vision, and you do not want the user to be able to tell that the dropdown is disabled?

If so, off the top of my head, I do not know a simple way to do this. You would probably have to dig around in the UI for the text color (dangerous), and then, I believe the down arrow is a button icon, so I imagine that there is some disabled icon property that would have to be replaced through reflection.

It would probably be better to look for an alternative way to disable the combo box, or perhaps overlay a disabled text field, and inversely bind its visibility property to the dropdown's enabled property. This approach is advantageous because you can easily access the textfield's disabledTextColor property through scripting. In this way, the button would still appear disabled for the user's benefit, but it would still have a border around the text area and crisp looking text. The textfield's text could be obtained directly from the dropdown's selected label, so it always matches what is displayed in the dropdown.

Here is a template I created to demonstrate this idea: (4.4 KB)

Appearance when disabled:

Appearance when enabled:

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Use standard GUI (graphical user interface) colors and actions. Don't confuse your users!