CompactLogix 5380 Tag Based Alarms

Me and colleague are in the process of setting up a new system and found that the Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5380 has the capability of doing Tag Based Alarms. According to Allen Bradley documentation these particular tags can’t be scanned automatically with the OPC server, however they can be find by using the following:


We have been trying to set this up in Ignition 8.1 and when following the diagram Allen Bradley puts out to find the points Ignition gives us Error_Configuration.

Has anyone had success with pulling these tags from the CompactLogix 5380 and if so would you mind sharing some examples as to how you were able to pull them? TIA

I’m pretty sure that syntax only works if you’re using FactoryTalk as your OPC UA server.

Are you doing that or using Ignition’s built-in server and Logix driver?

That’s what we were afraid of, that it’s proprietary, but were holding out hope that someone had successfully found a way to pull it directly.

At this point we were only attempting to use the Internal Ignition OPC server with Logix driver, however we can look into using FT and pulling it into Ignition from there.

I have been looking into trying to access the tag based alarm structure as defined in the previous post. I noticed the last post on this topic question is over 1.5 years old. Has anybody been able to get this to work and if so, can you share some knowledge on the subject?

It is proprietary to Rockwell’s FactoryTalk/RSLinx Enterprise products. Use FT as your OPC server in Ignition.

My advice is don’t use tag based alarms. Setup UDTs within Ignition and define alarms there. Once you instantiate a UDT, the alarms come with it. This arrangement is better and quicker.

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