CompactLogix read/write request failed due to timeout

hello, have recently updated a customers PC to windows 10. Ignition is version 7.5.14 is running on it.
Ignition communicates with a CompactLogix L45 revision 20 using AB Driver 1.5.10.
In the concolse log, seeing tons of write/read request failed due to timeout.
Could this be an issue with an old version of ignition and windows 10 or something else?

What is the minor revision of the controller firmware?

What else changed?

Most likely these errors were already present before the upgrade.

If not, then maybe look to see if there are any other Ignition gateway or other pieces of software communicating with the controller. Or maybe there’s some network issues/settings that need adjusting.

Just updating to Windows 10 shouldn’t necessarily cause any problems.

Note that the L4x family has a different series of minor numbers from everything else–the boundary between functional on the legacy driver and non-functional is probably in the .99 or .100 range.

the minor revision would be .12 (20.12)

Thanks Kevin. Nothing else has changed, this ignition has been running since 2012.
There is a WMS that communicates with the PLC.

Phil, not sure what you mean when you say: non-functional is probably in the .99 or .100 range.

Hmmm. Can’t find it now. Rockwell site shows 20.19 as the last for an L45. /:

Whatever you do, don’t upgrade that processor’s firmware, or you will be making a sudden Ignition upgrade.

Thanks Phil, I will not upgrade anything.