CompactLogix stuck on Browse Pending

I had a PLC (CompactLogix) go offline for a while. When it came back Ignition was not able to connect. Here are some reoccuring error from the console:

-Unknown RequestId: 345571
-Reaper found timed-out operation: PublishRequest RequestId=460635 RequestHandle=460416
-Reaper found timed-out operation: PublishRequest RequestId=460634 RequestHandle=460415
-Reaper found timed-out operation: PublishRequest RequestId=460636 RequestHandle=460417
-Unknown RequestId: 345570

In the Configuration section, under Devices, that device always says “Browse Pending”. I am currently running Ignition version 7.2.4.

I can ping the PLC as well as go online with RsLogix. Any ideas?

Those messages aren’t related to the device not reconnecting, but:

If the system is still in that state and you can call into support so we can look at it that would be best.


Does clicking [refresh browse] and waiting for it to finish work?
If you edit, make no changes, and save (forces a reconnect), does that work?