Compare between two Ignition Perspective Project

Hi ,

We have two projects on same environment we want to compare the projects for changes. How can we achieve that.

The best way I've found to compare views is using WinMerge (WinMerge - You will see the difference…) from memory. Comparing tags, youll have to write your own compare script, as normal json diff tools won't be able to compare tag json as they don't know its schema

This is my guide to myself:

Comparing the projects with WinMerge:
Open WinMerge

Click on Open. This will open a new compare files config window.

Select the root folders to compare as the 1st and 2nd file or folder fields. For example
1st: C:\Temp\Compare\DEV
2nd: C:\Temp\Compare\PROD
Where these locations have these folders

In the Folder: Filter section press Select.

Add a New filter and make it Private.

Name the file (e.g. Ignition Project Compare). The file will then open in notepad.

Copy the contents below into the file and save and close:

## This is a directory/file filter template for WinMerge
name: Ignition Project Compare
desc: Ignition Project Compare - Remove supporting files

## Select if filter is inclusive or exclusive
## Inclusive (loose) filter lets through all items not matching rules
## Exclusive filter lets through only items that match to rule
## include or exclude
def: include

## Filters for filenames begin with f:
## Filters for directories begin with d:
## (Inline comments begin with " ##" and extend to the end of the line)

f: resource\.json$ ## Exclude resource.json files
f: thumbnail\.png$ ## Exclude thumbnail.png files

Note: an “include” filter excludes the files matching the filter…

Back in WinMerge, highlight the new filter and press OK to apply it.

Press Compare to start the comparison.

Use the View menu to show/hide different compare results and to expand/collapse all nodes.

Double click on compare files to open a side-by-side view of them with changes marked.

With the files opened in the side-by-side view, you can copy the json contents of either and then paste this into the Ignition Designer to replace an existing View’s contents by using Shift+Right Click on a View and selecting Paste Json.
You can create a new dummy View in order to visualise the changes by using this dummy View to paste Json into from WinMerge and then opening the actual corresponding View in the Designer to compare them together.


Anyone using git for this?