Compare Template Differences

Is there a way to compare two templates or popups to determine if the two are identical or not, and if not what the differences are?

I would like to compare a template from one project to another to determine if any changes had been made.

Vision or Perspective? In perspective you can Shift + right click and copy the popups json, then compare. In vision you can export the popup or template and then open the .zip and compare the json.

@nminchin is right, doesn’t work that way for Vision.

Something like Notepad++ will do a file compare for you and highlight the differences.

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Aren’t vision files binaries?

Comparing Vision graphics automatically has always been more or less impossible in any useful way, since if you export as XML, it’s so optimised that it makes comparison very difficult


Oh good point! I didn’t realize the json was just the resources, serves me right for exporting an empty popup and thinking that was all there should be. You can get some info on the last time it was modified, but not really a full compare.