Compare windows?

I am looking for a way to find differences between windows. Is there a tool that can scan the code for two windows and display all differences?


I’m interested if (six years later) anyone has got a good idea yet for comparing two windows.
Especially comparing the ‘override’ window with the parent project and see if there are any diffences.

Perspective or Vision? A Perspective view comparison is pretty simple in VSCode.

In my case Vision. Forgot to mention indeed.

Ok, no clue in Vision how to do it.

In the designer tree, shift-right-click on the window, then select “Copy XML to clipboard”. Paste into your favorite editor and save to a file. Repeat for the other project. Use your favorite editor’s diff or command line diff to see.

If any differences, you will have to look very closely. The XML format is very non-human-friendly.

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Well that’s one way indeed. Thanks will try to see if I can use that.
Wish they would add a feature to see if a override resource is identical and if not which components / scripts differ…