Comparing backups and exports

We want to make sure we have everything backed up in the event of a failure. So, we’ve been backing up the Gateway through the web interface as well as exporting tags.xml, and whatever FILE | EXPORT and FILE | EXPORT GLOBAL gives us.

That seems like overkill. Will automatically backing up Gateway and exporting the project cover everything? Is there an easy way to automate backing up the project?


To expand on that:

Is FILE | EXPORT GLOBAL the same as the gateway backup?
Are tags included in the FILE | EXPORT (project) backup?

Project backups include only project-specific resources–therefore do not include gateway tags, data sources, device connections, history configuration, et cetera.

A gateway backup includes all of the above, including all projects and all non-project resources.

Use the scheduled gateway backup feature. Individual project backups are not required.

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A gateway backup does NOT include modules, and does NOT include your license. You can test your backups by installing the same version of Ignition in a VM or spare computer, add/remove modules to match your running system, and then restore your backup into that machine. You can use the two-hour trial mode to examine the functionality for completeness.

(Do isolate that machine from your production devices and databases.)

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Thanks very much for the tips!!!